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COVID-19 Information and Plan



Welcome back to hockey!

New Richmond Youth Hockey Association is working to help create a great season for all of our players and families. Safety is our top priority and New Richmond Youth Hockey will continue to work with our USA Hockey partners and local health officials to implement policies for on-ice activity centered around a safe and fun environment.


We are here to support and make your transition back to the rink as easy as possible. Our Board of Directors and Rink Staff have, and continue to work diligently to follow national and local healthcare recommendations.


We are utilizing the below resources that have been made available through USA Hockey to encourage best practices, in addition to helping answer questions you and your family may have: 

USA Hockey Player Safety



Below are the guidelines that will be implemented for the 2021-22 hockey season. The NRYHA Board of Directors will continue to evaluate the safety guidelines as the season progresses and will provide necessary updates to all of our members if they change.


NRYHA will follow the same COVID-19 rules as the New Richmond School District:


A lot of information about COVID-19 is being shared through multiple news sources. Some of the information is accurate whereas some is not. We will always follow and share with you the recommendations from the CDC and from the Wisconsin health department. We encourage you to refer to these resources as well.


Please be respectful of other rinks and associations:

1. We require compliance with WAHA and USA Hockey directives.

2. Each team must comply with the host association/rink's rules when playing in another rink.  

3. Visiting team must comply with their home associations rules unless less restrictive than NRYHA rules, then NRYHA rules must be complied with.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to NRYHA Board President Mary Hailey,

Wishing everyone a great 2021-22 season!

NRYHA Board of Directors

FYI for NRYHA Families traveling to Ramsey County...


Recent Ramsey County COVID-19 Rules Update

Ramsey County Parks and Recreation in conjunction with Ramsey County Public Health, has continued to evaluate the existing COVID-19 policies and I want to communicate a change in our policies. This change impacts face coverings or mask wearing while in Ramsey County arenas.


Our new face covering/face mask policies read as follows:

Face coverings/face masks must be worn inside Ramsey County facilities, including lobby areas, restrooms, bleachers, seating areas, and common areas by all participants and coaches/instructors, volunteers, and spectators at all times.

Individual teams or associations are responsible for following all arena/turf policies but are not subject to the face covering/mask policies that the County has imposed on the public, during the duration of their rental time and rental space(s) which may include the rink, locker rooms, and/or a turf field only. Wearing face coverings or masks is still highly recommended during rental times. Players, coaches, instructors, and volunteers must still wear face coverings or masks while entering and exiting the arenas and in common spaces


This shift in language allows organizations, associations, and individual teams to make the choice upon whether to require face coverings while players, coaches and volunteers are in the locker rooms and on the ice. However, I must reinforce that face coverings or masks ARE STILL REQUIRED while entering and exiting an arena, and in all common spaces for all players, coaches, volunteers, and spectators. This applies to the following Ramsey County Arenas:

Aldrich Arena

Harding Arena

Highland Arena

Oscar Johnson Arena

Phalen Arena

Pleasant Arena

Shoreview Arena

TCO Sports Garden

White Bear Arena

West Side Arena


Staff will be enforcing these requirements. The Ramsey County mask requirement will stay in place as long as Ramsey County falls in the high category for confirmed positive cases per 100,000 in population.

We have received many complaints of teams/groups not complying with the masking policies while in arenas. Staff has been instructed to report individual teams if they are found to be not following policies and not responding to staff enforcement. We do want to remind you that Ramsey County has the right to refuse ice time to a group that is not following the Ramsey County Arena policies and procedures.


This is a difficult situation for everyone. We recognize that Ramsey County is in the minority requiring masking inside the arenas. I ask that you are courteous and respectful to all the arena staff and other rink participants. Our staff has been working very hard for the past year and a half through the pandemic. This is a policy that has been enacted by Ramsey County Public Health in relation to the COVID situation in Ramsey County and in the spirit of the health and wellbeing of all people who enter the arenas.