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COVID-19 Information and Plan

NRYHA COVID-19 Guidelines/Safety Procedures

While things may look a little different as the season gets started, the New Richmond Youth Hockey Association is working to help create a great season for all of our players and families. Safety is our top priority and New Richmond Youth Hockey will continue to work with our USA Hockey partners and local health officials to implement policies for on-ice activity centered around a safe and fun environment.

We are here to support and make your transition back to the rink as easy as possible. Our Board of Directors and Rink Staff have, and continue to work diligently to follow national and local healthcare recommendations.

We are utilizing the below resources that have been made available through USA Hockey to encourage best practices, in addition to helping answer questions you and your family may have: 

USA Hockey Player Safety

2020-21 NRYHA and Rink Guidelines

Below are the guidelines that will be implemented for the start of the 2020-21 hockey season. The NRYHA Board of Directors will continue to evaluate the safety guidelines as the season progresses and will provide necessary updates to all of our members if they change.

1. Masks:

Masks/Face Coverings are required for all individuals over the age of 5 (players, coaches, parents, and spectators) when inside the New Richmond Sports Center. This includes entering/exiting the building, and for the duration of the time you are in the arena. Players and coaches can remove their masks once they enter the locker room area. Masks will not be required by players and coaches when they are on the ice.

2. Rink Entry/Exit:

Players are allowed to enter the arena 10 minutes prior to their scheduled start time, fully dressed with the exception of skates. Goalies will be allowed to enter 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time. Players will have 10 minutes after their practice/game to leave the facility. 

The front door will be the main entry/exit point. Traffic flow around the rink will be clearly marked with separate doors for entry/exit. 

3. Parents/Guardians/ Spectators:

For practices/activities (non-games), parents or family members will not be allowed to enter the arena. Coaches can help assist with skates and equipment. The only exception will be for mite parents where only one adult will be allowed to enter and stay in the arena for the duration of the ice session to help assist.

For games, we prefer a maximum of 2 adults/family members/members of the player's household to attend (per player). Siblings of the player's immediate family are allowed to attend if necessary. Children are encouraged to sit with their family in the stands or mezzanine and not congregate at other places around the rink. The shooting corner is closed.

Any family members who are sick are not allowed to enter the rink.

The NRYHA will continue to monitor these guidelines as the season progresses and will provide additional updates as it relates to rink accessibility.

4. Player Safety:

If your child is sick, they must stay home. If your child is ill for tryouts contact the Board President, Angela Olson, immediately. If your child is ill for a game or practice, contact your child's coach or manager immediately.

Either wash hands or use hand sanitizer as you enter/exit the New Richmond Sports Center.

Individual water bottles with names clearly marked. No team water bottles or sharing of water bottles.

Locker room assignments will be posted on the whiteboard in the concession area. Additional seating will be stationed around the arena to help provide additional space for players to get ready.

Locker rooms will be sprayed (by the rink attendant) after every team leaves.

Keep gloves on after skates are tied, through the duration of the event.

Each team will have their own set of practice pucks

Practice social distancing while in the New Richmond Sports Center.

 Bathrooms will be available, but we encourage athletes to limit bathroom use as much as possible. 

5. Concession Area:

Concession stand will be open during games and weekend events.

The concession stand will not be open during practice times.

All concession volunteers must wear masks and gloves.

Plexiglass shields have been installed at the counter area.

High touch areas (door handles, counters, etc.) will be cleaned every hour.

6. Bathrooms:

Automatic hand washing faucets have been installed in all bathrooms.

Daily cleaning by rink attendant.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to NRYHA Board President Angela Olson,

Wishing everyone a great start to the 2020-21 season!

NRYHA Board of Directors