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Tigers Bantam A

Regular Season 2018-2019
2018-2019 x Regular Season

Volunteer Opportunities

To sign up to volunteer at a game.


Bantam A Game Volunteers

Date Home Team Visiting Team Score Clock Score Book Penalty Box Penalty Box
28-Oct NR Hudson Mandi Erickson Mindy Howard Mike Erickson Michael McDonald
1-Nov Stillwater NR Stillwater Cash Langeness Bill De Young Stillwater
3-Nov NR Tartan Cash Langeness Tartan Mike Erickson Tartan
11-Nov Amery NR Amery Amery Amery Amery
20-Nov NR Stillwater Cash Langeness Stillwater Mike Erickson Stillwater
7-Dec MPLS NR MPLS Carrie Hubmer Mike Erickson MPLS
8-Dec St. Paul NR St. Paul Mindy Howard Mike Erickson St. Paul
12-Dec Tartan NR Tartan Minday Howard Michael McDonald Tartan
15-Dec Roseville NR Roseville Mindy Howard Mike Erickson Roseville
21-Dec NR Hudson Cash Langeness Hudson Mike Erickson Hudson
22-Dec NR MVI Cash Langeness MVI Mike Erickson MVI
9-Jan NR Amery Cash Langeness Jen Langeness Michael McDonald Bryan Hahn
18-Jan NR River Falls Cash Langeness Brita Hahn Mike Erickson Bryan Hahn
19-Jan NR Rice Lake Cash Langeness Heather Boe Mike Erickson Mike McDonald
23-Jan MVI NR MVI Mindy Howard Michael McDonald MVI
2-Feb NR River Falls Cash Langeness Heather Boe Mike Erickson Ted Howard
9-Feb NR Roseville Cash Langeness Roseville Mike Erickson Roseville
10-Feb NR St. Paul Cash Langeness St. Paul Ted Howard Hudson
10-Feb Hudson NR Hudson Mike Erickson Hudson
updated 2.4


Please note that above games and volunteer spots will be updated throughout the season.

We will look to add additional games to fill open weekends and time slots. This is not the full game schedule for the year.

Recent Tigers Bantam A News

State Tournament - Hotel Information

02/04/2019, 11:15am CST
By J Hubmer

Book your room

20 rooms have been booked in Green Bay for our Bantam A State Tournament.


March 1 - 3


Reservation Info.

Hotel J Green Bay


2620 S. Packerland Drive

Green Bay, WI

Toll Free: 800-688-9052




Rooms Rates - $79 per night

2019 NRYHA S.K.A.T.E Participation

01/25/2019, 3:45pm CST
By Web Admin

Attention all NRYHA Students

NRYHA is recognizing our Student Athletes through the S.K.A.T.E. Program.


S.K.A.T.E. is an academic recognition program designed to encourage youth hockey players to strive for excellence in the classroom. The program was originally developed prior to the 1993-94 season by parent volunteers at a youth hockey organization in Minnesota to emphasize the importance of academic performance to young players. Focusing on the competitive nature of the young student-athletes, the program soon saw results with a significant increase in Grade Point Averages among youth hockey players.

In the 1997-98 season, the S.K.A.T.E. program was adopted and endorsed by Minnesota Hockey, the statewide governing body of amateur hockey. Within a few years, the S.K.A.T.E. program expanded to include nearly 100 youth hockey organizations and more than 10,000 participants on an annual basis. In a short time, the S.K.A.T.E. program has evolved into the most recognized and most popular off-ice initiative in youth hockey.



  • Student athletes graded must have a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or above.
  • Special education students may qualify with a letter from their case manager stating they showed above average performance.
  • Grades will be utilized from the time period(s) that closely aligns with the hockey season.
  • All grades received during the designated grading period must be used to determine Grade Point Average.
  • No incomplete grades are allowed during the designated grading period. If a student receives an F or Incomplete, they do not qualify for S.K.A.T.E.
  • Report cards will be utilized to determine Grade Point Average, but S.K.A.T.E. respects individual privileges for privacy. The SKATE coordinator does verification of G.P.A.
  • It is important to note that we want to lean on the side of being more INCLUSIVE of young players than EXCLUSIVE. While there are grade parameters described above, if there are cases that deserve special attention please let us know. 
  • The SKATE banquet will be the same time\location as the end of year banquet and include pizza for players.


Game Video Streaming

01/08/2019, 8:00am CST
By Web Admin

This season, we will be broadcasting all games played at VENUENAME Live & On Demand via LiveBarn.

LiveBarn allows friends, family, players and coaches to:

  • Follow along with the action from their mobile device, tablet or computer either live or at a more convenient time
  • Download games for review and archive
  • Submit highlights directly to LiveBarn for Plays of the Week

Share great plays via social media and email!

When you subscribe to LiveBarn, you can stream unlimited video from any LiveBarn venue for $14.95/month. Use our PROMO CODE: b8c4-d7bb for a 10% discount on your subscription!

If you’re already a LiveBarn subscriber, be sure your profile reflects our Promo Code.  To do this:

  1. Sign on.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Either ADD or UPDATE b8c4-d7bb in the Promotional Code field.

LiveBarn is Live or Coming Soon to many more venues in the US and Canada, click here to see a full list! For more information, visit

See you at the rink!
New Richmond Youth Hockey Association

Pat  Borgestad

Pat Borgestad

Bantam A Head Coach

Phone: (651) 210-6059

Brian Schmit

Bantam A Assistant Coach

Phone: (651) 253-1682

Jon Hubmer

Bantam A Team Manager

Phone: (651) 357-2778

Heather Boe

Concession Coordinator

Phone: 715-220-8184