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    New Richmond Youth Hockey Association

    Welcome to the New Richmond Youth Hockey Association Web site.  Our youth hockey association provides boys and girls in the New Richmond, Wisconsin area the opportunity to participate in the great sport of ice hockey.

    Chevy Night 2017

    Thanks, Chevy, for supporting the NRYHA!

    Fundraising 2016-2017


            The winners are.....

    1st Andy Westmoreland $50    8th Landa McAndrew $100   15th Jeremy Gess $100  22nd Chrissy Kinsman $50  29th Andy Drill $50

    2nd Larry Erickson $100    9th Eric Becker $50   16th Andrew Chapman $50  23rd Ken Berg $100 30th Jean Needham $50

    3rd Ali Haver $50     10th Mike Peterson $100   17th Dana Johnson $100  24th Diane Callahan $50 31st Betty Wiech $500

    4th Al Campeau $150     11th Karen Stadler $150   18th Pat Nickols $150  25th Karn Winberg $1000

    5th Allan Olson $50    12th Pat Hagstrom $50   19th Josh Larson $150  26th Mary Knutson $50

    6th Herbert's $100     13th Shelley Chaves $100   20th Laura Fitzgerald $50  27th Ken Berg $50

    7th Molly Welch $50    14th Breanna Ellevold $50   21st Dave Neisen $100  28th Don Halverson $150

    Congrats to all ! The winners will be posted weekly on the website along with a phone call to let them know their winnings. All payouts will be done the first week of January and will be mailed to the winners. 

    For this year's fundraising, the association will be selling raffle tickets.   The raffle will be for a cash payout that will be drawn weekly in the month of December.  A total of $4,000 will be paid out in the month of December with 1 winner each day.  

    The daily prizes will range from $50 to $1,000.  The cost of each raffle ticket is $10 with each family being required to sell at least 10 tickets or $100 worth of tickets.  First year families will be required to sell 5 tickets or $50 worth of tickets.  

    Checks for the winners will be mailed out the address listed on the ticket stub the first week of January.

    Exciting Tiger Den News

    Greetings hockey families! My name is Erica Kamish, and I am the Tiger Den Coordinator this year.  I wanted to fill you in on what's new with the Tiger Den.

    We have an online store option currently available through Moore Imprints.  We have both NR Hockey and Stars apparel available (the link is pasted below).  The online store will be open through the end of December so, unfortunately, your online orders will not be available for Christmas. However, we will be getting some of the items from the online store in the Tiger Den in the next few weeks. We will send out a notification when we have apparel in the Den.

    All proceeds from the sales go directly to the Hockey Association, so your support is greatly appreciated!

    Here's the link:


    Thank you for supporting NR Hockey!


    2016-2017 Tournament Dates

    Open Skate

    Open Skate will be on Saturdays from 7-9 pm starting October 8 WHEN GAME SCHEDULES AND VOLUNTEER AVAILABILITY work together.

    Please join us for some skating fun!  Don't forget to bring your helmet.  We do have a limited number of helmets that can be borrowed for the night.

    In order to have each Open Skate, we will need adult members to volunteer.  Each Open Skate we will need two gate people to collect money and help with helmets, one person on ice supervising, and one in concessions. Please consider signing up (Rink tab>Concession Stand>Follow the link and directions)

    Make sure to check the rink schedule for any cancellations due to scheduling conflicts or shortages of volunteers.

    Try Hockey For Free!!!!

    Is your child interested in learning to SKATE and PLAYING HOCKEY for FREE?  Then the NRYHA's Get Out and Learn (GOAL) program is the answer! The program provides equipment for each player and provides 4 practice times with experienced instructors. Only Saturday sessions available now.

    To register please fill out form in the link below;

    Hurry though, the program will fill up fast and is only offered to the first 50 kids to register! If you have questions please email .

    Learn to Skate (Ages 4-7)

    This beginner's skating program develops balance, strength, physical fitness, and fun!  children will learn basic elements of skating while enjoying being safe on the ice.

    Contact Community Education for more information or see flyer below.

    Wednesdays and Sundays - October 1st through November 12th.

        6:00-7:00 p.m. at NR Sports Center - Hockey Arena

    Pictures by NP Design

    The New Richmond Youth Hockey Association thanks NPDesign for taking pictures of all hockey teams.

    Association members can find and order pictures by going to the NPDPSports Image Gallery.

    Image Gallery:

    Team Picture 2015-2016

    Team Picture 2015-2016

    Current News

    No news currently found.

    Work Hour Tracking Spreadsheet

    The work hour  tracking spreadsheet has been loaded to the website.  Hours for coaching and team managers will be logged after tryouts and team formations.

    The path to follow to get to the spreadsheet:

    Admin > Volunteer Info > Work Hours > My Work Hours

    Any questions regarding this information can be directed to Tracy at

    Create an Account to Register for Mass E-Mail

    NRYHA uses e-mail as a primary way to communicate important association information and events.  Please make sure that your family creates a profile to ensure that you don't miss important updates.

    It's easy...simply click on the Create an Account link at the top left side of this page and follow the directions! 

    You can also update your information by logging in at any time (use the Login button at the top left of this page).

    Sometimes new users will find NRYHA messages in the Junk E-mail folder(s) of their messaging software.  If you've missed any NRYHA communications, be sure to check to see if this is the case.  If so, be sure to Unjunk the message and add the address to your “Safe Senders list”.  If you still have issues please send an e-mail to the communications manager with the details.

    Need to Send Information to NRYHA Members?

    If you need information added to the site or an email sent to members, please request this through the communications manager.  Please provide all necessary details along with your contact information in the case the communications manager needs to contact you with questions.