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Dryland Skills Development

NRYHA partnered with Lumberyard in the 2021-22 Season to create a dryland off-ice workout series that consists of slide boards and dryland training to help support and strengthen skating skills for our players, including goalies. The dryland/off-ice can be scheduled with the NRYHA scheduler. Attached is a video that provides a sample of our off-ice workout sessions.

Lumberyard On-Ice Skills Development

  • Forward skating.

  • Deep knee bend.

  • Edge control.

  • Inside edges- isolated drills with further application

  • Outside edges- isolated drills with further application

  • Length of stride

  • Full extension

  • Proper arm swing 

  • Backward Skating (C-cut push)

  • Deep knee bend.

  • Full extension and locking the leg

  • Full return.

  • Correct ankle pivot

  • Weight transfer or getting most power out of push

  • Forward Crossovers

  • Strong knee bend

  • Strong edge control

  • Correct use of body positioning and body weight

  • Backward Crossovers

  • Explosive Starts

  • Starting position

  • Weight distribution

  • Explosive pushes from a starting position

  • Body positioning- legs/arms/rest of body

  • Explosive Starts, Backward Crossover Start

  • Lateral Mobility/crossovers

  • Skating with pucks

  • Shooting while skating- proper form and weight distribution