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Team Manager Email
Squrit A Loni Sempf
Squirt B Anne Knutson
Squirt C Scott Coolidge
Peewee A Sarah Sweet
Peewee B Buffy Thomsen
Peewee C Courtney Ballina
Bantam A Jon Hubmer
Bantam B Andy Hoeppner
WWS U10 Sarah Barron
WWS U12 Andrea Larson
WWS U14 Shannon Ducklow

2019-20 Board Team Representatives

Level Board Member Contact
Mites Jason Bahneman 651-894-4319
Mites Shawn Demulling 715-781-0129
Squirts Angela Olson 763-370-7848
Peewees Kyle Thomas 715-220-9874
Bantams Mary Hailey 651-260-4820
Co-op Girls Andy Chapman ‭612-867-6806‬
NRHS Boys Mary Hailey 651-260-4820

Game Clock Simulator

Click on the link below to practice on a Game Clock Simulator.
This is a tool to familiarize yourself and practice with a running game clock.

Quick Start-Up Instructions:

  • Click the Power Switch to "On" (upper left corner).
  • Type "YES" in the Continue Game dialogue box, then click on "Enter/Yes"
    You must click "Enter/Yes" after every entry.  (This step is necessary with the actual game clock as well.)
  • The "Start/Stop" controls the clock.
  • Play around with it.  You'll get the hang of it in no time.

Click Here for Simulated Game Clock

Click on the "Hockey Clock Simulator" link on the linked webpage.

Detailed instructions for start-up and handling penalties are written out on the webpage.