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Program Development Committee

NRYHA's Program Development Vision & Values


We want to enhance our coaching philosophy to include all aspects of player development. We want our coaches to get excited about player development and have a solid foundation to build from. To give our coaches the resources necessary to build a proper practice and utilize all opportunities to develop.

Vision: A foundation for long term success
We are here to help the NRYHA members be well prepared in the years ahead.  What we are teaching today is meant to assist our players over the next 10 years as they move through all levels.  We are focusing on drills that will build fundamental skills clearing the way for practices focused on team oriented systems at higher levels of hockey. Skills First!!!

Keep players loving the game by giving it back to THEM. Skill Development-drill in fundamentals so each player has a solid foundation. We must be conducted to accommodate the number of new players who wish to play hockey, and reduce the number who become disenchanted and drop out.

Coaching Philosophy:
Create an environment in which children can learn the basic skills without the distractions that are often associated with an over emphasis on winning. Mastering of fundamental skills and the fun of playing are essential to the development of a LIFELONG interest in the wonderful game of hockey.