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Concession Stand Information and Sign Up

Concession Stand Sign Up Sheet

This season we are going to implement a new method of keeping track of the hours and workers that will be working in the concessions.
Our Concessions Manager, Stacey Dilley, has created an online document that will let the Team Concession Coordinators know which hours each team needs to have someone signed up to work.  It will also show any open hours that can be filled by anyone.

Below is the link that will keep track of the hours that are needed for concessions.

It's going to ask you for your email address because it sends you reminders for when you're signed up.  You're email will essentially be your user name.  When you go to sign up for a spot the first time, it asks for your name and phone number(it gives you an option at this spot to receive junk mail so make sure to uncheck that box.)  You don't have to go through entering your name each time.  It will remember it for the next time you log in with that email address.