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Volunteer Information

Work Hour Agreement Contract


At registration NRYHA requires parents complete a work hour agreement contract. This contract outlines the amount of volunteer work hours you are asked to contribute to NRYHA. The number of required hours is based on the level of play of the oldest child in the family who is registered to play hockey.

NRYHA Work Hours Policy


What are the Work Hour Requirements per Season for each family?


  0 Hours: Mites: First Year 

10 Hours: Mites: Second Year and Up 

35 Hours: Squirts, Peewees, Bantams, Western WI Stars


Home Tournament/Jamboree:

All levels are REQUIRED to complete the specified “Number of Spots” per family that is indicated on the Home Tournament/Jamboree Work Hour Sign-up. 


Who is responsible for covering the different work hour shifts?

Off Ice Officials: Penalty Box, Score Clock, Book, Announcing

  • Each team is responsible for covering these shifts for their own games.

  • NEW 23-24 Season: Each team will also be assigned High School (JV & Varsity) games to work throughout the season.


Concession Shifts:

Anyone working a Concession shift MUST sign in to receive credit for the completed shift.

  • Anyone from any team can claim any concession shifts. 

  • However, if a shift is not filled then the team is responsible for covering. 

  • The Team Manager may assign unfilled shifts to anyone on their team (regardless if work hours are needed or not) to ensure that the responsibility is fairly distributed. 


Home Tournaments:

  • Each family is REQUIRED to sign-up for the specified number of spots for their home tournament. 

  • It does not matter if a family needs work hours or not as Home Tournament work hours do not count towards the season work hour requirement. 

  • Each family is required to help to ensure that all shifts are covered and the tournament runs smoothly. 


Additional Work Hour Shifts Available to Anyone:

  • Special Events

  • Tiger Den

  • Cleaning


What happens if I don’t complete all my required work hours?

At the end of the fiscal year (March 31st), you will be invoiced for all hours not completed for the following:

  • $50 per hour: General Work Hours

  • $20 per hour: Home Tournament/Jamboree Work Hours


When do outstanding balances need to be paid?

All outstanding balances must be paid prior to the start of the next season in order for a player to take the ice for any reason (clinics, try-outs, practices, games, etc.).

Please note these are the minimum amounts required per family and are required to be completed by March 31 following the end of the season.  Keeping the association running requires many more hours than these minimums.   We encourage members to assist whenever possible!

Buy Out Option

If you would prefer to not have your family called upon for any work hours a buyout option is available.  The buyout option requires payment to NRYHA of 35 hours @ $50 per hour = $1750 or 10 hours @ $50 per hour = $500 for In-House.  You will not be called upon for any work hours, except the team's home tournament, which are mandatory. If during the season you end up with some work hours, and you have followed the guidelines listed below for work hour approval and tracking, you will be refunded at $50 per hour for your hours worked.

A maximum of half of the season volunteer hour requirement, 17.5 hours (5 hours for In-house) can be worked during the summer months.

Annie Knutson

DIBS Manager

Level Required Work Hours
1st year in house level 0
2nd year + in house level 10
All other levels 35 per family


What happens if I don’t complete all my required work hours?

At the end of the fiscal year (March 31st) you will be invoiced $50 per hour or all hours not completed.

What can I do to get my work hours?

Listed below are some ideas and a contact name for work hours. There are always new things that need to be done. So, be sure to ask around as to what other parents are doing to get their hours. Ask team managers what they are aware of. And, if you have any special skills that you feel may be valuable to the association contact a board member to discuss.

• Building Improvements – Shawn Demulling

• Concessions help – Leslie Thomas

• Tournament help – Barry Cunningham

• Fun Fest – Angela Olson

• Scheduling help – Shawn Demulling

• Registration help – Brandy Olson

• Committee member - contact varies

• Front Gate at HS games – HS team manager (only available for HS player families)

• Front Gate at open skate – Leslie Thomas

• Tiger Den – Jen Gunter

• Zamboni Driver – Shawn Demulling

• Referee – Joe Fieberger 

Are there any leadership positions that count toward work hours?

Yes. Listed are lead positions and their corresponding work hour credits.

  • Board Member – 35 hours
  • Head Coach – 35 hours
  • Assistant Coach – positions and hours vary
  • Team Manager – 35 hours
  • Registrar – 35 hours
  • Equipment Manager – 30
  • Team Concession Coordinator - hours to be determined
  • Committee Members - hours to be determined
  • Director of Hockey - 35 hours

How do my work hours get tracked?

Each time you work you are responsible to sign up using DIBS.  DIBS will automatically track your work hours for you. If there is a role outside of DIBS that you work, you are required to fill out the required work hour tracking form, have it signed by the approver, and place in the work hour box located by the concession stand. The work hour tracker will gather these forms to keep a record of all hours worked. This tracking spreadsheet will be available on NRYHA website for you to review at any time. Note – Fun Fest, Park Art Fair, and Zamboni do NOT require work hour forms.  Please note: Working your Home Tournament is separate than your required work hours.

What do I do if my DIBS hours look incorrect?

Contact Annie Kuntson at dibs.nryha@yahoo.comPlease include detailed information regarding the discrepancy.

Can I work more than my required hours?

Absolutely! Keeping the association running requires many more hours than the agreed upon work hours cover.

If I work more than my required hours can I give those hours to another family?

No, this is not allowed.

Do work hours for my home tournament count?

Home Tournaments - Minimum required hours/slots worked during your home tournament (as determined by the tournament director and communicated through your team manager, typically 5 – 8 hours) do NOT count towards your season required volunteer hours.  Additional hours worked above the required hours/slots DO count towards your season required volunteer hours.  This will be tracked by Tournament Director and submitted to Team Manager.

Who can be the approver that can sign my work hour tracking form?

The approver varies based on what your work hours were. As a general rule most work hour activities have someone that is “managing” the activity. This is the person that would approve and sign your tracking form. The list below lists the more common work hour activities and their corresponding ‘approver’s’.

  • Concession Stand – Leslie Thomas
  • Front Gate – HS Team Manager
  • Tiger Den – Jen Gunter
  • Home Tournament - your team's home tournament coordinator
  • Registration - Brandy Olson
  • Zamboni – Shawn Demulling
  • Fun Fest - Angela Olson