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Player Information and Education

Relationship with Minnesota Hockey

The New Richmond Tigers have again been part Minnesota Hockey District 2 since 2011. This affiliation has allowed us to play teams from Forest Lake, Mounds View, North St. Paul, Roseville, Stillwater, Tartan, White Bear Lake, Highland, Somerset, River Falls and Hudson in a structured league.

By competing in Minnesota’s District 2, our players and teams are provided great opportunities to further enhance their hockey skills and abilities. Additionally, the closer proximity to these associations will reduce the travel burden for New Richmond families, continuing with our goal of keeping Tiger hockey affordable.

Minnesota Hockey and WAHA have different birth date cutoffs for team eligibility (allowing MN players to be up to 6 months older than WI players). MN D2 currently has AA, A, B1, B2, and C levels at each age level. This allows teams to determine the best level for competition. Our Program Development Committee evaluates the competitive levels of each age level annually prior to declaring appropriate levels. This allows NRYHA teams to be properly placed into competitive levels based on number of players and skill levels.

In past years, some members have questioned whether this match-up would provide adequate challenge for our teams.  We are very confident that our affiliation with MN District 2 will continue to challenge our teams and provide development to our youth hockey program.  This relationship will be reviewed annually by the Program Development Committee.

Development Levels:

Learn to Skate  Ages 3-8. Skating fundamentals are taught at this level. This is a Community Education class sponsored by the New Richmond School District.  Click here to be directed to the District web site and look for the Community Education button to see more details.

In-House Mites  Ages 4-8. Skating, stick handling, passing, shooting and game situation fundamentals are taught at this level. This In-House development league is a great level to start and learn hockey for boys and girls. Emphasis is on developing knowledge of the rules of the game and proper positioning. 5-10 games per season with some travel.  It is recommended that kids without basic skating experience attend Learn to Skate prior to joining Mites.  Click here to learn all of details about our Mites program.

To learn more about hockey history and rules following this link to our Referee Room.

Boys Competitive Levels:

Squirts  Ages 9-10. A no checking league where positioning and team play are further enhanced. Players are challenged to skate faster, harder and cleaner. Players often discover preferred positions and comfort level. Coaches work with players, improving individual skills and building game knowledge.

Peewees  Ages 11-12. Players at this level just love to play the game! They learn how to be a physical player while mastering checking, learning to take a check and to develop hands – particularly their shooting skills. Kids blossom at this level as hockey players. Team first attitude, off-ice expectations and representation of the association take on a greater meaning for players.

Bantams  Ages 13-14. Bantam players fine tune their positions while developing physically. Bantams are safely pushed to their limits in an environment that encourages team play and constructs bonds that carry into their high school careers. Development of individual skills is practiced.

High School (Varsity and Junior Varsity).  NRYHA belongs to the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA). 

Girls Competitive Levels:

Girls Co-Op  Girls from New Richmond, Somerset, and Amery have joined together to form U10B, U12B and U14B teams (the B designation applies to Minnesota only as Wisconsin has a single class structure). The Girls Co-Op committee was formed to guide the program. Contact the Board representative to find current committee members.

High School (Varsity).  NRYHA belongs to the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA). 

Equipment Requirements

Hockey Equipment Needed:

  • Mouth Guard with strap (must NOT be clear)
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Shin Guards
  • Hockey Jock & Cup (boys)
  • Pelvic Protector (girls)
  • Breezers
  • Skates
  • Hockey Stick
  • Neck Protector (optional)
  • Bag (optional)