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    NRYHA Work Hours Policy


    What are the Work Hour Requirements per Season for each family?


      0 Hours: Mites: First Year 

    10 Hours: Mites: Second Year and Up 

    35 Hours: Squirts, Peewees, Bantams, Western WI Stars


    Home Tournament/Jamboree:

    All levels are REQUIRED to complete the specified “Number of Spots” per family that is indicated on the Home Tournament/Jamboree Work Hour Sign-up. 


    Who is responsible for covering the different work hour shifts?

    Off Ice Officials: Penalty Box, Score Clock, Book, Announcing

    • Each team is responsible for covering these shifts for their own games.

    • NEW 23-24 Season: Each team will also be assigned High School (JV & Varsity) games to work throughout the season.


    Concession Shifts:

    Anyone working a Concession shift MUST sign in to receive credit for the completed shift.

    • Anyone from any team can claim any concession shifts. 

    • However, if a shift is not filled then the team is responsible for covering. 

    • The Team Manager may assign unfilled shifts to anyone on their team (regardless if work hours are needed or not) to ensure that the responsibility is fairly distributed. 


    Home Tournaments:

    • Each family is REQUIRED to sign-up for the specified number of spots for their home tournament. 

    • It does not matter if a family needs work hours or not as Home Tournament work hours do not count towards the season work hour requirement. 

    • Each family is required to help to ensure that all shifts are covered and the tournament runs smoothly. 


    Additional Work Hour Shifts Available to Anyone:

    • Special Events

    • Tiger Den

    • Cleaning


    What happens if I don’t complete all my required work hours?

    At the end of the fiscal year (March 31st), you will be invoiced for all hours not completed for the following:

    • $50 per hour: General Work Hours

    • $20 per hour: Home Tournament/Jamboree Work Hours


    When do outstanding balances need to be paid?

    All outstanding balances must be paid prior to the start of the next season in order for a player to take the ice for any reason (clinics, try-outs, practices, games, ect.).

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